The Top 5 Fears About Starting Your Own Business (And How Crestcom Can Help)

Starting your own business can be an intimidating process. Many people dream of being their own boss, but the realities of making the leap to entrepreneurship can be scary! There are many unknowns when you are starting out on your own. People have five common fears about running their own business, and Crestcom can help you overcome all of them!

  1. The Fear of Going it Alone. It can be daunting to wear multiple hats when starting up a business. Often an entrepreneur will have to take on several roles at once. Being the owner, manager, accountant, IT person, and marketing department is a lot to ask of one person. It can also be lonely working alone, and it can be some time before a startup business can afford to hire additional staff.  However, owning a Crestcom franchise means you are never really alone. Not only does Crestcom offer access to training, technology, and marketing support, our global network of franchise owners takes great pride in helping each other succeed by sharing advice, feedback, and success stories. 
  2. Fear of Failing in the Startup Phase. There’s no avoiding the scary statistics: 90% of startups fail within the first five years. Depending on where you are in your career, that may be a bigger risk than you can afford to take. One of the major benefits of buying a franchise is skipping the most difficult parts of a startup—like creating a business plan, conducting market research, testing the product or service, and scaling for viability. This work is already done when you buy a franchise because the business model has been proven to work.  Crestcom’s 30-year history means you can apply a tested product and system in your local market and hit the ground running.
  3. Concerns About Overhead Expenses. Many businesses (including many franchises) will have hefty overhead costs like buying or renting a storefront, buying and maintaining expensive equipment, and hiring staff. However, Crestcom is a business that can truly be operated out of a home office with minimal to no additional staff. Keeping overhead expenses low empowers Crestcom franchisees to invest more into growing their business. 
  4. Lack of Marketing Expertise. Marketing in today’s digital environment requires some sophistication. Unprofessional graphics or outdated messaging can harm the image of any new business. However, when operating a Crestcom franchise, you receive access to marketing materials created by professionals and guidance about best practices. You also get the advantage of being part of an award-winning, internationally recognized brand.
  5. Self-Doubt. The biggest fear most would-be entrepreneurs have is that they don’t have what it takes to own a successful business. At Crestcom, we believe in developing better leaders for the future, and that includes ourselves. Each new franchise owner receives thorough training that starts before you even sign a contract. We also provide training for Crestcom franchise owners at any stage of their business, including Sales Boot Camps, Facilitation Skills training, Coaching, and other peer support opportunities. Our training and support can help you overcome self-doubt and achieve your dream of owning a successful business!