John Bent Joins the Crestcom Network

Crestcom International, LLC is pleased to announce one of its newest additions: John Bent. He joins the Crestcom network as an authorized Crestcom licensee, President of Human Capital Development Group Inc, delivering leadership development programs in the cities of Mississauga, Milton, and Georgetown, Ontario. These areas all reside within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Here is what John has to say about his decision to partner with Crestcom: 

2020 was a very transformative year for me. I turned 50 on the day it was announced that COVID-19 was a pandemic and transitioned out of the global corporation I spent 22 years working with. It was a pivotal moment in my life where I had to step back, look at my future, my past, and evaluate what was good, what was not, what makes me happy, and most of all, what I really wanted. It was surreal to be considering all of these things at the start of a pandemic. With that being said, it was also very freeing, exciting, and invigorating because I was able to reset and find my path forward.

By reviewing past positions, successes, and failures, it became clear to me that the things I found the most enjoyment and fulfillment in was not the titles or financial rewards, but actually the emotions and satisfaction I felt when I helped people I worked with, mentored, or influenced find their success. I learned early in my career that in order to achieve the success I wanted, I had to support those around me. When I figured that out, I made my decision. I was either going to join, buy, or build a business that would allow me to help others grow and find their version of success. That was my wish!

I chose to pursue a certification as a business performance coach and once I earned my accreditation, I looked forward to growing my own practice. While pursuing my options, I was introduced to Crestcom International, Crestcom’s programs, and Crestcom’s mission. Immediately I realized that my personal beliefs and goals aligned with Crestcom’s. Crestcom educates and empowers leaders to implement useful skills to not only grow themselves but also to develop great teams and organizations. Although I have participated in many training workshops in my career, Crestcom’s is unique. The curriculum is top-notch; I cannot say enough about it. However, it is Crestcom’s process of delivery and ultimate accountability that makes their program special.

Personally, I believe we should always do what we love and if we can do that and make a living while doing it, it is never a job. Leadership development is not my job; this is my passion.

Interested in working with John? Get in touch with him to learn more here.