Douglas Peterson Joins the Crestcom Network

Crestcom International, LLC is pleased to announce one of its newest additions: Douglas Peterson. He joins the Crestcom network as an authorized Crestcom licensee, President of Impact Leadership Corp., delivering leadership development programs in Central & Northern Indiana.

After earning an Engineering degree from the University of Dayton, Douglas began his career in General Electric’s corporate training program. He stayed with GE for nearly 20 years, reaching the executive VP and GM level within the company. Since leaving GE 12 years ago, Douglas has held executive-level positions in smaller private and public companies ranging from a small $20M in sales Private Equity held business to President of one of Belden’s $400M industrial business units in North America. Throughout his career, Douglas was fortunate to participate in some of the world’s best executive leadership programs while at GE. In every step of his career, Douglas placed a very high level of importance on his number one asset, people, through organizational and leadership development programs.

To get in touch with Douglas, please visit to learn more.