The Leadership Habit Podcast: A Look Back at 2019 – The Convenience Revolution with Shep Hyken

Customer Service and The Convenience Revolution with Shep Hyken

This December, The Leadership Habit Podcast has been taking a look back at our first season and reflecting on all we’ve discussed so far. We picked out some of our favorite episodes from the past year to share with you. I hope you enjoy this look back and can’t wait to bring you more information and inspiration in the new year to come. For this week’s look back at 2019, Jenn DeWall chose Season 1: Episode 6, Customer Service and The Convenience Revolution with Shep Hyken. Shep is a Crestcom faculty member, customer service expert, best-selling author, and keynote speaker.

This episode is one of her favorites from this year because I love his insight into customer service and how organizations must create a real customer service culture by identifying moments of misery and actively pursuing solutions for them. We also talked about how technology and convenience have changed the landscape of customer service and what we can all do to keep making our customers happy. His leadership habit is also about discipline, which might be a good reminder for all of us as we get ready to make our new year’s resolutions. We hope you enjoy this throwback episode!


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Thanks for joining us this month as we took another look at some of our best episodes of 2019. The Leadership Habit Podcast will return with new episodes in January 2020. We have new exciting guests lined up and cannot wait to share them with you. If you have enjoyed our series or have comments about any of our episodes, please leave a review via your favorite podcasting app. We hope you have a great New Year!