The Leadership Habit Podcast: A Look Back at 2019 – Sales, Love and Enjoyment with Andy Bounds

Andy Bounds – Sales, Love and Enjoyment

The Leadership Habit Podcast has been taking a look back at our first season and reflecting on all we’ve discussed so far. We picked out some of our favorite episodes from the past year to share with you. I hope you enjoy this look back and can’t wait to bring you more information and inspiration in the new year to come. For this week’s look back at 2019, I chose Season One, Episode Eight: Sales, Love and Enjoyment with Andy Bounds.

Andy is a sales expert, international speaker, Crestcom faculty member, and an award-winning author. I picked Andy’s episode because he has such a fresh take on approaching sales and how not to look at sales as a dirty word, but rather a skill we all need in our daily lives. From convincing a child to go to bed on time to closing that multi-million dollar sale, the principles remain the same. I also really enjoyed his update of the ABC of sales instead of “always be closing”, his version is Afters, Building certainty, and Closing. There is so much good advice in this episode. I think it’s a great one to review and get ready to start a successful 2020

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Next Week on The Leadership Habit Podcast

We hope you had as much fun with this look back on learning about Sales, Love, and Enjoyment with Andy Bounds as we did! We’ll be back with new episodes after the new year. We have exciting new guests lined up and can’t wait to share them with you. If you’ve enjoyed our series, please feel free to drop into your favorite podcasting app and write a review. Tune in next week when we take a look back at Jenn DeWall’s conversation with Shep Hyken, about customer service and the convenience revolution. Have a great new year!