Franchisee Spotlight – Bich Hoang Ngoc

10 years and going strong—the secrets to Bich Hoang Ngoc’s business success

Bich Hoang Ngoc has been operating her Crestcom franchise in Vietnam for ten years. In that time, she’s grown her business to one of the top producing franchise locations in the Crestcom network. Over the years, she remains focused on following the sales process and delivering value to her customers.

We sat down with Bich to talk about her business, what areas she is finding success in, and where she is facing challenges. 

Q: What gives you the most joy as a business owner in this industry?

A: Seeing the Crestcom Bullet Proof® Manager program’s impact on our participants’ change in mindset, behaviors, actions that make them live their life happier and lead their team more effectively.

Q: What industries are you finding success with?

A: Because of the size of the companies, these days we are mainly working with banking, construction, and technology.

Q: Are there specific industries you target? Why or why not?

A: Banking and construction, because of their size and budget.

Q: What challenges did you have with your most recent sale in getting them to close?

A: The multi-level decision-making process, there was also a change of persons in charge of a big organization that made the process a bit more difficult and took longer to close.

Q: What challenges overall are you facing as a business owner in your market?

A: Being in the market for the last ten years, I face the challenges that clients always want something new and different. Our clients usually are big clients, so we can work with them for two or three years until they want to see new programs with new formats. There’s also more competition entering the space, including clients choosing to spend their training budget on online programs.

Q: What’s working with the sales process that’s helping your business grow?

A: The Crestcom sales process is the best one. I find all the steps useful. One just needs to follow the process.

Q: What key things did you wish you knew when you first started compared to what you know today that’s helped contribute to your success?

A: I still think coming to this business with a fresh mind is important. Then you will just focus on following the process without using your experience to judge it. And taking advantage of the support and coaching from Crestcom HQ is extremely helpful.

Bich Hoang Ngoc is another example of the excellent leadership development entrepreneurs that have created their own success in Crestcom business ownership. If you’re interested in learning more about the day in the life of a Crestcom franchisee, contact us today!