Franchisee Spotlight – Troy Hoffman

Troy Hoffman discusses how he grows his Crestcom franchise business

Troy Hoffman is a member of Crestcom’s Millionaire Club, and recently had the honor of being the top revenue leader of the week! We sat down with Troy to understand his approach to running and growing his Crestcom franchise

Q: What gives you the most joy as a Crestcom franchise owner?

A: I enjoy seeing participants grow personally and as managers and leaders. It is rewarding to hear a company president tell me that the development process has resulted in a much more collaborative, confident management team. And an improved work environment where performance is improved.

Q: What industries are you finding success with?

A: My largest clients are in transportation, specifically trucking. It evolved this way and was not due to specific target marketing.

Q: Are there specific industries you target? Why or why not?

A: I am not really selective in the industries we market. I am more interested in finding organizations and leaders that understand the importance of investing in their employees’ development. These leaders exist in all industries. 

In my exclusive franchise territory, I have not found any one sector to be more inclined to invest in people development. I tend to seek out growing organizations with new managers eager for leadership training, something they receive little of in most academic programs.

Q: What challenges did you have with your most recent sale in getting them to close?

A: Given the grant funding currently available in Ontario, the close occurs when grant funds are approved. Very few prospects refused the grant funds, so they generally enrolled as planned after the Executive Overview (EO). Since many recent EO’s have been a result of referral almost all result in submitting for grant funding.

Q: What’s working with the sales process that’s helping your business grow?

A: A strong EO continues to be a key component of the Crestcom sales process. The experience to be able to read your prospect and adjust your approach accordingly is important.

Q: What do you wish you knew when you first started compared to what you know today that’s helped contribute to your success?

A: I wish I realized how difficult, and ever increasingly difficult, it would be to get prospects on the phone by direct marketing. Although it is not happening fast enough, my slow shift to a more social media based marketing system, and building a larger loyal client base that provides referrals has contributed to recent successes.