Crestcom Launches Virtual Bullet Proof® Manager

The business world is going virtual—and now so is Bullet Proof® Manager


According to Owl Labs, 68% of global employees work from home at least once per month. Remote work and telecommuting are largely on the rise for a number of reasons, and have provided many benefits to employees, companies… and the environment!

And now, Crestcom is excited to announce that our keystone leadership development product, The Bullet Proof® Manager (BPM) is going virtual as well. As employees increasingly expect more flexibility in their work places, so should they expect it in their professional development.

“We’re committed to providing the best leadership development training to leaders and managers around the globe, no matter their ability to attend the classes physically,” says Tammy Berberick, CEO of Crestcom International. “Providing a virtual option to participate in The Bullet Proof® Manager training aligns perfectly with that mission.”

Slated to start in August, the program will continue every month, just like our live leadership training sessions. Virtual BPM is conducted using Zoom, and participants must have access to an internet connection and video camera in order to participate. One of the biggest differences in the virtual version (other than the fact that it’s virtual) is that they are conducted over two days instead of one.

“We take learning and development—and the quality of our product—very seriously at Crestcom. One of our biggest concerns was how to maintain the quality of the participants’ experience and skill development in a virtual setting,” explains Amy Schirmer, Director of New Product Development and Translations at Crestcom. “We believe that splitting the sessions into two days, instead of one, maximizes the participants’ ability to stay focused and engaged with the content being delivered in a virtual setting.”

Virtual participants are still expected to complete and submit their Action Plans at the end of each session. This is a key aspect of Crestcom’s leadership development program that ensures participants are coming away from each session with tangible, actionable tools that they can apply to their teams immediately.

While we maintain that a virtual, online leadership training program will never have the same impact as an in-person one, we also recognize that there are physical and geographic barriers to attending live classes. We are excited to provide a program that brings our award-winning leadership development program to more people in more places around the world. We believe that we can make the world a better place through developing better leaders, and this is yet another step toward achieving this vision.

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