New Leadership Product: Accelerate the Way You Innovate

Crestcom’s newest product teaches managers how to foster a culture of innovation

According to McKinsey, 80% of executives think their current business models are at risk to be disrupted in the near future. Innovation is critical to business success. Gone are the days when a company can compete based on price or “how we’ve always done things” alone. And yet, many leaders struggle to foster innovation in their companies and amongst their teams. 

Like everyone else, we constantly innovate our own leadership development training products to keep up with the latest trends and keep our clients engaged.

Crestcom is thrilled to announce our newest leadership development training module: Accelerate the Way You Innovate. Developed in partnership with industry thought leaders, real-life managers and leaders, and professional instructional designers who specialize in adult learning, Crestcom training modules have been developing stronger leaders around the world for over 30 years. 

Accelerate the Way You Innovate provides managers with an essential framework to guide innovation process and speed up innovative efforts, so their companies don’t get left behind by the competition. Whether their teams are innovating a new product, process, or about to embark on creating a new business strategy, this course is relevant to all.

As we roll out this new product around the globe, Crestcom franchisees will be helping managers and leaders learn how to:

  • Identify business areas to focus innovation efforts
  • Apply the most efficient way to innovate
  • Use a strategic model to solve innovation challenges

The FAST Model

In this module, we partnered with innovation expert, Steve Shapiro. Shapiro is one of the foremost authorities on innovation culture, collaboration, and open innovation. Among many things, he developed the FAST model of strategic leadership and is the author of Best Practices Are Stupid

Crestcom leadership development facilitators will help participants learn how to use the FAST model for strategic innovation, and how to apply it directly in their own teams and businesses. They will learn about the importance of FOCUS in innovation, while participating in exercises that help them avoid defaulting to “no”. After participating in Accelerate the Way You Innovate, leaders and managers will possess the framework for innovation, and the knowledge to apply it, to help solve tough challenges facing their own businesses.

Focus on Innovation

“Companies don’t starve, they drown.”

This popular saying is often applied to start-ups, but established companies are certainly not immune to this phenomenon. No company can be all things to all people. While every company has plenty of people with great ideas, few have the necessary number of people to make all those ideas come to light. Nevertheless, to do it successfully.

Throwing a bunch of ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks is not an innovation strategy. This is why it is absolutely critical for managers and leaders to know how to properly frame the challenge and ask the right questions. By understanding the importance of this critical first step, they can effectively lead their teams through the rest of the FAST innovation model to truly create strategic advantage.

By participating in Accelerate the Way You Innovate, managers and leaders will have a practical framework with which to successfully take this first step. They will be able to identify the key business areas that will benefit the most from innovation, and then focus on the challenge that will produce the best results.

Crestcom franchisees facilitate these activities and more, ensuring that the material is received the way it is intended and that participants understand how to implement the key takeaways.

Are you curious to learn more about how you can become a leadership development facilitator? We’d love to have a chat and provide you with some additional information! Simply reach out and we’ll be in touch.


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