Igniting Purpose At Crestcom 2019 International Annual Meeting

Crestcom franchisees from around the world met to re-ignite their purpose for business ownership


Every year, franchisees from around the world gather for one big meeting. The purpose of Crestcom’s International Meetings is to reconnect, re-engage, and re-ignite our shared passion for changing the world—one leader at a time.

This year’s meeting theme was Ignite. Crestcom, like every innovative, growing business, undergoes continual change. As the management great, Jack Welch, put it: “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”

This year, we focused on igniting the Crestcom network for change. We focused on igniting for excellence. And on igniting success.

Igniting Purpose

“I focused the opening of the meeting on purpose because that is where everything else stems from,” explains Crestcom CEO Tammy Berberick. “I wanted to remind everyone of why they’re in the Crestcom business to get things kicked off.”

Simon Sinek popularized what many successful business owners already intrinsically knew: focus on your why. Your why, your purpose, is what makes a business succeed. It speaks to customers, employees, and partners on a deeper level. Why keeps entrepreneurs going through all the ups and downs of business ownership.

“I think about one of the managers I worked with in particular,” says Bruce Bierschbach, Crestcom franchisee in Ohio. “After three months of working with him, I heard from his team members and his manager that they saw a big difference in him. But what really got me is when I heard his that his wife and children saw a big difference in him, too. So, we’re able to impact not just people’s professional lives, but their personal lives as well.”

Igniting Success

“Success in the Crestcom business is about maximizing revenue, executive presence, and committing to our own continued development,” says Paul Weston, Crestcom Director of Global Skills Development. “During our three days together, we hosted sessions for franchisees in all three of these skill areas. Crestcom provides franchisees with several revenue streams. Maximizing these revenue streams and selling them effectively is key to success.”

Crestcom’s leadership development product suite includes programs for companies and leadership teams of all sizes. Savvy franchisees are able to successfully sell the flagship 12-month Bullet Proof Manager program as a one-time sale, along with the Crestcom Continuing Education program for recurring revenue.

Igniting Excellence

“Crestcom Circle is where we get to celebrate top performers and encourage those who have put in the work to continue reaching for excellence,” explains Weston. “Making it to Crestcom circle is all about mindset. We see it every year that 99% of the barriers that keep people from Crestcom Circle are excuses. We need to make a choice: excuses or results.”

Mindset is critical to business success. In business, there are things you can control and there are things you can’t control. If you focus your energy on improving the things you can control, rather than those you can’t, your chances of becoming successful are much greater. Some of the things you can control are your activity level, the quality of your sales skills and conversations, and how you react to challenges and opportunities that arise along the way.

When you join Crestcom, you’re not going into business alone. You become part of a global community of professionals who are passionate about changing the world by developing better leaders. You’re also joining an organization with a corporate team that works tirelessly to help Crestcom business owners be successful in business.

“When you get a testimonial from one of your participants that you’ve literally changed their lives, it’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling,” says Heather Rosenfeld, Cresctom franchisee in Massachusetts.

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