Crestcom Welcomes New Franchisee in Washington

Crestcom Welcomes New Franchisee Manny Martinez

Leadership development in Olympia, Washington just got an upgrade thanks to Manny Martinez


Among the most admirable traits you will find in great leaders is the passion for helping others become the best version of themselves. This trait is exactly what you see in Manny Martinez when you meet with him. Recently retiring from a 30-year career in the Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant and Senior Enlisted Leader Manny Martinez was looking for his next great challenge.

“In my role in the Air Force, my top priority was developing the next generation of leaders,” explains Martinez. “As I left the military, I sought to continue this work of making a positive impact in people’s lives.”

A self-described servant leader, Martinez thrives on getting to know people, learning who they want to be and what they want to achieve, and then helping them along their journey to success. His advice to other leaders who are looking to achieve this as well is to ask two questions of themselves every day:

  1. What I can do today to help others reach their highest potential?
  2. How can I make a positive difference today?

Taking action on these simple questions have helped shape Martinez into the leader he is today. It is also how he made the decision to open his own leadership development business by becoming a Crestcom franchisee.

Crestcom’s mission and values align with my own mission and values—to me, that’s exciting.”

These values include a focus on practical tools that help managers become great leaders through leading by example. Martinez experienced the power of this type of leadership early on in his career.

training and development in washington“My first leader in the Air Force, Doug Baird, was my leadership role model. He walked the walk and talked the talk in a humble way. He was fair but firm. He was a fantastic communicator; strong when speaking truth, playful when having fun,” says Martinez. “He challenged me to be my best, leading by example by showing me how to do it first. He believed in me, even though I was barely 18 years old, fresh out of high school, and naïve about the world.”

Having a mentor and role model is perhaps the best way to achieve any goal. And Martinez’s 30 years of service in the Air Force exposed him to many types of leaders and teams in a variety of situations. This experience was invaluable in shaping the person he is today, inspiring him to enable leaders to learn from real life experiences of others around them. To connect and learn from each other on a level that many managers don’t have access to in the Olympia business community.

“I am most looking forward to using my experiences to help the people in my community achieve their highest potential,” says Martinez. “And in so doing taking businesses to the next level of success.”

We’re extremely excited to have a leader of Manny Martinez’s caliber join the Crestcom leadership development community. As Martinez works to build his leadership development business in the Olympia community, be assured that the results of building stronger business and community leaders will have a positive, cumulative impact on all.

Leadership development in Olympia’s community just got an upgrade. Welcome to Crestcom, Manny!

If you are in the Olympia or greater Seattle area and looking for leadership development training for your organization, contact Manny via email or by phone 360-561-4030.

Interested in learning more about becoming a part of the Crestcom franchise network? Click here to contact us!


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