John Harris, answers questions about Crestcom ownership

Fox News Radio Answers Your Crestcom Franchise Questions

Director of Franchise Development, John Harris, answers frequently asked questions about Crestcom’s franchise opportunity.

Recently, John Harris, our Director of Franchise Development, sat down with Bruce Violette for his show Opportunity You on Fox News Radio. Bruce wanted to give his listeners a glimpse into the Crestcom franchise opportunity with thoughtful questions that prospective franchisees often have on their minds.



Q: What’s a day in the life of a Crestcom franchisee like?

Spend their days with Presidents and CEOs of companies having a dialogue about their organization and team. They look at our skills and core competencies, the things that we cover in our training. Communication skills, customer service skills, and how to build a team. How to get people to willingly do something because their engaged and excited, rather than because you’re making them because it’s their job.

We call this an Executive Overview. It’s the first face-to-face meeting that franchisees have with prospective decision makers and it’s their opportunity to educate them on the Crestcom training program. At the end of the meeting, if the business leader decides it’s not the right fit for their organizations, they shake hands and part ways.

More often, they find some interest in the program, but they want to think about it. They’re often not ready to make that investment decision yet. So we came up with a great solution. We propose a Free Leadership Skills Workshop. We come back in a couple of weeks and deliver a two-hour preview version of what a Crestcom training class is like. This gives leaders and managers a “try before you buy” opportunity. They’re going to walk away with some terrific skills, ideas, and strategies just from that two-hour session. But more importantly, they’re going to know whether or not it’s the right type of training for their team and organization.

The other side of a franchisee’s “day in the life” is conducting the training. We have 24 modules that are presented over 12 months. New students can start every month and cycle through the program. Franchisees will deliver this training either in-house for larger companies, or in a public workshop for smaller companies. The benefit to smaller companies is that they get the quality of an enterprise-level training program while also learning from peers in other companies in their area. It’s a great way for them to develop professionally, learn from others’ experiences, and broaden their network.

At the end of each session, participants write down an action plan for how they are going to apply what they’ve learned in their business. Franchisees spend time with participants after or outside of class holding them accountable for taking those ideas and implementing them.

Q: Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of training going on out there. What separates Crestcom from others?

We’ve all gone through training at some point in our life. It’s usually 1 – 2 days, one-time event. We’re all jazzed up about it and ready to set the world on fire. And then what happens? We get back to the office, set the book on the shelf, and settle back into our old routines, our old habits.

We spread the training out. It’s four hours, once a month, for 12 months in a row. It’s measured development and it’s proven to be the best way for working adults to learn.

Franchisee Training

Crestcom gives full and complete training to a candidate before they make their decision to become a franchisee. We don’t charge for it. We do ask for a deposit that is refundable if the candidate decides it’s not the right opportunity for them. This is unprecedented in the franchise world.

As potential franchise candidates get closer to the decision stage, we set them up with another franchisee either close to their local market or here in Denver. They get to participate in an actual class and experience what it’s like. Then, we bring them into our corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado and we open the book. We train them on how to start their business, our processes on operating, marketing and selling methodology, and conducting a training class. They get to meet the corporate support staff and ask any questions they have about ongoing training and support.

We do this because we want people to make an educated, informed decision that this is the right opportunity for them. It’s truly the best, most in-depth training we can possibly provide to anyone exploring the opportunity to become a Crestcom franchisee.

Q: What are your entry costs?

The franchise fee is $69,500 one-time fee for a 7-year contract. After the initial 7 years, the renewal fee is $3,500 for an additional 7 years.

Because this is a home-based business, there’s no brick and mortar retail or office space costs. There are no employees or labor laws that franchisees have to deal with. Some franchisees do hire sales and marketing or assistant type help, but this is typically done on a contractor basis. So, the barrier to entry is very low.


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