Introducing Crestcom Learning Portal 2.0

Crestcom firmly believes in the power of continual improvement. This philosophy is naturally apparent in our leadership development and sales training products. But what many prospective franchisees don’t see is how this commitment to excellence is also part of our technology and platform development strategy.

Crestcom franchisees enjoy the use of several proprietary tools that help them operate their businesses more efficiently and, perhaps most importantly, help them ensure an excellent client experience, both in and outside of the classroom.

Working closely with a group of Crestcom franchisee volunteer beta testers, Eduardo Pinzon, Director of Operations at Crestcom Headquarters, managed the development of our very first Learning Portal for Bullet Proof Manager participants and their managers in 2016. This groundbreaking platform was a first for the Crestcom community and was met with great excitement.

As we ramped up the platform user base, Pinzon turned his attention to collecting and documenting Learning Portal feedback and support tickets reported by participants, decision makers, franchisees, and facilitators. Using this data, the team at Crestcom Headquarters began to start thinking about Learning Portal 2.0.

“We had identified that our best opportunity to improve the Portal was to migrate into a new and improved platform that can provide us with more flexibility, robustness, and ease of configuration,” explains Eduardo Pinzon, Crestcom Director of Operations. “Our current solution provider, Nuclo, has such platform and is called C.A.L.F. (Continuous Application of Learning Feedback). This new platform will provide us with a much more robust environment and ease of configuration.”

The Crestcom Learning Portal 2.0 will have all the features that participants, decision makers, franchisees, and facilitators know and love. But, it will gain significant improvements in design, user experience, administration, and flexibility in communications and reporting.

The main new features that we will launch early this fall include:

  • New and upgraded user interface
  • New email notification engine – All system provided email templates can be customized, saved, and used by the franchisees
  • New reporting engine – More flexibility in creating reports
  • The ability for Franchisee to define graduation requirements
  • Improved session management and controls by the Franchisee
  • Participant Mobile App – Participants can submit session feedback, submit Action Plans & Results, and receive important notifications
  • Upgraded roles – There are 3 new roles added to the system:
    • Uber Admin – This person may manage the portal for several franchisees
    • Supervisor – Now the supervisor can log in to the portal and view their participants’ progress as well as to approve results and provide comments
    • Sales Rep. – The franchisee’s salesperson will be able to log in and see the progress of his/her client

What does all this mean for Crestcom franchisees? It means greater customer experience and satisfaction, which leads to higher retention and referral rates. It means they have the most up-to-date technology to effectively manage and engage their training participants. And it means they have what they need to ensure that managers and decision makers have the visibility into the Bullet Proof Manager program they need to continue to make purchase decisions in the long-term.

In business, brands need to evolve or die. Luckily, evolution is built into Crestcom’s very DNA. Our commitment to growth and improvement doesn’t stop at leadership training. It permeates every aspect of the business, so franchisees have the best processes, tools, and technology at their disposal to be successful now and into the future.