Developing Better Habits for Crestcom Pros: Niagara Falls Franchise Regional Training

As the Annual North American Crestcom Regional Training Camp convened in Niagara Falls, Canada this month, one thing became perfectly clear: professionals don’t just fall into better habits. During this training, Crestcom franchisees sharpened and corrected their already existing, and new sales tools.

We’ve all been there, right? As we get really good at doing something, we tend to take it for granted that it is always the best way to do it. Without being able to meet with colleagues and counterparts, without the collective mindshare of talented people, we tend to fall into our own bad (or, at least, not best) habits despite ourselves.

“This was phenomenal for me. I’m at the point where I want to take what I’ve learned to the next level and really get it implemented. I’ve heard so many great experiences that others have had, that have given me great ideas. I’ve also gotten a lot of materials from people—what a helpful crowd! What a great team we have here. The coaching and advice that I’ve gotten from Crestcom corporate and the other franchisees have been really helpful and it’s helping me take my business to the next level.” — Bart Kohnhorst, Texas, USA

This is why Crestcom is so committed to the on-going training of franchisees around the world. Every year, the Crestcom headquarters conducts five in-person training events for franchisees; four regional trainings and one Annual International Conference. Franchisees use this time to come together to learn about new initiatives, products, and tools; and to share experiences and learn from each other to improve existing skills.

In Niagara Falls, over 30 franchisees from as far as Texas, Alberta and Florida traveled to listen and share, as well as participate in group workshops on specific topics that help them sharpen their axes.

“A lot of great content to give perspective on your deal processes and where you are inside of it, and how to be more effective. Great value, great time, and it’s well worth it.” — Mike Houle, Ontario, Canada

Crestcom CEO, Tammy Berberick presented a company overview update as well as workshops on new direction and subject matter. She also facilitated sessions on potential new products and delivery methodology. Paul Weston, Director of Franchise Development and experienced Crestcom salesperson, led sessions on Making Clients Accountable, How to Execute Effective Monthly Debriefs, and Creating Urgency in the EO and ROI.

“My big takeaways were really about getting better at processes, like how to get better at activity reporting. Before I even left the session, I put it in my calendar to do my activity reporting every week! I also learned how to improve my Executive Overview, and to focus on going through the organization chart so I can maximize the number of Leadership Skills Workshops I can schedule.” — Michele Rebetti, New York, USA

“In preparation for this training, I was thinking to myself ‘What would I really gain from this training?’ I’ve been in business for 21 years, I’ve been successful in hiring and sales. But, now having completed the Regional Training Camp in Niagara Falls, I can honestly say: A LOT! There’s lots that you can gain, even from being in the business 21 years. Because it is a business that is constantly changing and evolving. Both Crestcom and the industry and the people we work with are changing. If we don’t adapt with those changes, we will absolutely perish!” — Ken Strilchuk, Alberta, Canada

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