Navigating the Four Basic Personality Types in the Workplace

The classic book “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” enlightened many of us to the fact that genders often behave predictably different. Beyond these gender differences, the author shares practical tips for coexisting harmoniously rather than trying to change one another. Similarly, in the workplace, we observe four personality types that tend to behave predictably different from the other. Knowing how to work well with each of the four types is an essential driver of workplace productivity and morale. Read the four types of workplace personality styles below to see to which one you and your co-workers belong:

The Analytical

Overview: The analytical type is deep and thoughtful. They’re serious and purposeful individuals and set very high standards for themselves. Analyticals are orderly and organized and do not need much oversight.

Weaknesses: Moody, critical, negative, indecisive, over analyze

Harmony with Analytical: Be in an “ask” mode rather than in a “tell” mode; be patient; speak softly and calmly; have correct facts and information; do not pressure them for decisions; give them time alone; give them encouragement in making decisions

The Driver

Overview: The driver is dynamic and active. They’re not easily discouraged. Drivers are natural-born leaders who exude confidence and move quickly to action. They are visionaries.

Weaknesses: Insensitive, unsympathetic, harsh, proud, sarcastic, not detail-oriented

Harmony with Driver: Get to the point; be in “task” mode; give them responsibility; show appreciation for their ability to get things done; give them the freedom to achieve their goals

The Amiable

Overview: Amiables are patient and well-balanced individuals. They’re quiet, sympathetic, kind, and inoffensive. Amiables are easy going and very well-liked in their organizations.

Weaknesses: Stubborn, selfish, avoids conflict, easily overwhelmed

Harmony with Amiable: Be gentle; do not overwhelm or stress them; show consideration; encourage risk-taking


The Expressive

Overview: The expressive type loves to have fun, are generous, and want to be included. They are outgoing, charismatic, and very persuasive. They can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo.

Weaknesses: Disorganized, undisciplined, loud, talkative

Harmony with Expressive: Have a sense of humor; give them relationship time; show appreciation for their charisma; make sure they check their facts; show excitement and participate in their conversations

As you work with your colleagues, take time out to identify which personality type best fits them. Then try some of the suggestions here to see if your working relationship improves.

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